Shining on Purpose

When things started to become overwhelming I found myself pacing back and forth.

Mind running all over the place, filled with anxiety and despair.

Deadlines, appointments, meetings, it was all coming too fast.

But then I started to think of |YOU|

How you love me

How you’ve provided for me constantly

How you missed me and just wanted to hear my voice

There I was being selfish, waiting on him to work on my behalf when I kind of left him hanging.

I felt ashamed and embarrassed and all I could do was fall to my knees and ask for forgiveness.

Just to feel the wind run down my back and the warm embrace of a sweet and pure aroma, there he was waiting for me.

We conversed, we laughed and I cried….and then he said, “Where is your faith have I failed you yet? Everything you need is within me. Did you forget what I told you…. ‘If you walk right before me I won’t withhold anything from you.’ ”

From that moment I knew it was time for me to shake it off and move forward.

I started She Inspires, ME because growing up I had a few women who inspired me to become the woman I am today.

Whether it was through my upbringing, someone to go to for advice, mentorship or prayers, these women always told me to keep CHRIST first and to always strive and never give up on the things I believe and want in life.

Write the Vison. God said to write them down and this is called your testimony.

Now, this isn’t about boasting. It’s about allowing others to see that even though you’ve been through the storm, you keep being PERSISTENT.

Those times when you were counted out, but you found Purpose.

You were afraid, but now you LIVE and go after every Shot.

On those nights when it seemed like you weren’t going to make it, God sent rest.

I’m not perfect, but I will leave my mark.

Whether it’s through lifestyle goals, inspiration, fashion or just to lead by being a positive example…My goal in life is to creatively lead through motivating and inspiring others in life.

With all the wisdom and knowledge that has been poured into me, I know I’m more than capable of being an inspiration and one day someone too will say, She Inspires, ME!

-Meshon Davis

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  1. MeMe,
    You inspire me! This was a beautiful reminder to keep being persistent and that the things we face in life shape us and our testimony.
    “I’m not perfect, but I will leave my mark.”

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