Shining in My Transparency

I JUDGED the woman who had a child.

I GOSSIPED about other women because I had low self-esteem.

I BECAME someone I was not just to fit in.


I BECAME a Mother.

I SPEAK life to women on stages through spoken word & in life groups.

I ACCEPTED the woman God created by loving and getting to know me.

Wow! I have come a long way and I didn’t even realize it. My goal has always been to shine through transparency. I remember asking God where is your church? I had been hurt and bitter towards the church. The relationships I built especially with women hurt me and so I created walls.

I love how God chases me down! I left home and everything behind to be with a man whom I wasn’t purposed to be with. Despite it all, God used this relationship to answer my previous question, “where is your church?”…It all began when the man I was seeing put me on an airplane to go to San Antonio, Texas, per my request. On my journey there, I found out I was pregnant. I had two small suitcases of clothes and things were taking a turn in my life to what felt like the worse!

The Church. I began attending a church in San Antonio, Texas and became apart of a life group that challenged my faith in God and helped me to have relationships that I never thought existed. I wasn’t judged for being pregnant. Even when the old me would try to come out due to hurt, I was overwhelmed by love. After that amazing encounter I moved back home to face giants with a new baby girl. Yet, he wasn’t done with me yet! I went from being at my parent’s house, to sleeping on a couch with my daughter, wanting to commit suicide and getting kicked out to sleep in my car.

He told me to pack. To get rid of things that I no longer needed to make room for what he was about to do. June 1st I was making plans to sleep in my car. That same day I got an interview and got accepted to stay at the Natasha House, a transitional home for single moms. During the year I stayed there with women who affirmed me for speaking life to them as we all healed together. My last days there, one of my moms said I had things I need to do and it was time for me to go.

I found my passion! Now I am a blogger, Founder of DearSingleMommy, and I facilitate a life group at my church here in Hampton. I believe the transparency in my testimony holds power. Everyone talks about the beginning and the end result. My goal is to talk about the process and it’s many rewards!

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-Audrey Perkins

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