2018…We Are Coming For YOU!

New Year’s Eve, I shared this with a friend of mine…

I texted her and said , “Thank you for letting me be human and for loving me in spite of… I think that is one of my biggest fears in friendships… that people won’t see my heart and they won’t like me anymore after they see I’m flawed or see me in my most vulnerable place. (Never said that out loud until now… but I finally have those words to describe the fear and fight it with Truth)

I think in your most vulnerable place is where you find your strength, because you own your humanity and flaws… don’t make excuses for them…and you can’t go anywhere “but-up!” (inside joke) from there. ?

I’m learning the TRUE key to confidence… isn’t being perfect (nor is it always having a positive attitude) … it’s Not Having To Pretend.  You own it all! The good and the not so good. “

In the Year of 2018, I am committed to accepting ALL of me! If I accept ALL of me…I don’t have to worry about others accepting me!

So cheers to 2018…The year of no holding back…The year of relentlessly going after all that is MINE.

Let’s make a vow to ourselves…To TRULY accept our humanity/flaws and have confidence! The Real Kind.


Happy New Year,

Shawn Labadie

Artistic Director

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  1. AMEN!
    This seems like such a simple concept, but it’s very hard to grasp! Thank you for this reminder, Shawn. Definitely needed to read this, especially during the new year when we generally reflect and refocus.
    Here’s to accepting ALL of me! Let’s fall in love with the HUMAN in us and let’s learn to embrace our “flaws.”

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