New Seasons and Open Hands

A few weeks ago I moved to Chicago. It was such a God move. As soon as you get good and comfortable, here God comes switching up the plan! I’ve realized, it’s his way of grooming us for bigger and better! His word says in Jeremiah 29:11:
“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”
He has plans for each of us! In order for you to attain and obtain all his promises, it will require transitions and sometimes letting go of circumstances, attitudes, and or people that cannot thrive in this new season he is taking you! 
Now let’s identify the LIES:
1. Letting go of a thing or a person means they are “bad” or somewhere along the way the situation got sour.
2. I need to hold on to this because I don’t have worth or an identity outside of this job, friendship, or geographical location.
TRUTHS to Remember:
1. Not every release is an indication of a toxic situation. It is sometimes the evidence of PROMOTION or ELEVATION! 
2. Finding your identity in any role or relationship outside of Christ is a trap! That position or circumstance becomes what’s called an “idol”. Idolizing a thing can make you obsessive, jealous, salty lol, prideful…and no one has time for that! Stay in FREEDOM by enjoying the season you are in, but making sure you keep your hands open. 
“Hands Open” means you have it in your possession, but if you were ever required to release it, it doesn’t have to be pried from tightly gripped hands. 
Picture a rocket. It’s launched. Once it enters space, a satellite releases and maneuvers into orbit. A few minutes later, another satellite does the same. 
Picture yourself as a satellite. If you stay too close to what is familiar, it’s impossible for you to be used for your intended purpose! Satellites need to separate from the rocket in order to make an impact the way they were created to! Increasing the overall scope of the space system. 
As for me, I had to become comfortable with expansion and the idea that my role now is being more of a visionary than an instructor who can hug, touch, talk to each student. 
Maybe for you, letting go of your comfort zone and fear is what is required of you to SOAR! 
Practical Application:
1. Take a sheet of paper, and begin journaling what you want to accomplish in your life and or what you feel is your God given purpose.
2. What are you afraid of? 
3. In what way are these fears preventing you from SOARING? 
4. Who is someone who can hold you accountable not to settle for comfortability? 
Keep these notes in a safe place because I want you to revisit this from time to time. Now open your hands, take a deep breath, and even if you are afraid to “release” what is normal or comfortable …just say “I Release Fear and I embrace my DESTINY”. NOW SOAR SIS! SOAR!
I love you,
Shawn Labadie 
Artistic Director

7 Replies to “New Seasons and Open Hands”

  1. Tamarra Holt says: Reply

    Chapter 1? I love it! (Now let me go pull my journal out and make practical application!) Keep pushing Shawn, we need this!❤️

    1. Shawn Labadie says: Reply

      Thanks Tamarra! SOAR! ❤️ – Shawn

  2. Brii Alexandria says: Reply

    I believe that this wasn’t by mistake that I read this. This is revelation on a screen. Timely for the season I’m in. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Shawn Labadie says: Reply

      ❤️ “Use ALL of it” ? … Much Love Brii

  3. Jessica Contessa says: Reply

    I identify with all of this! This blog post is heart and perspective changing, especially when you said, “. Not every release is an indication of a toxic situation. It is sometimes the evidence of PROMOTION or ELEVATION!”
    We do often think that letting go of a thing meant it was “bad” when it wasn’t necessarily. This was confirming! I love this and your voice and style of writing. I’m definitely subscribed!

    1. Shawn Labadie says: Reply

      Glad this spoke to you Jessica! Open Hands and keep moving forward into your Destiny ???

  4. This blog spoke to me so timely! I’m glad to be in a good head space to pursue the uncomfort zone. It takes much faith but I agree in searching out the fears as to what holds us back and then dealing with them headstrong. Keep inspiring Shawn!!

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