Self Care

You need time to refocus, recharge, and relax? Sister, make self care a priority.
We are mothers, wives, business women, educators, entrepreneurs, care providers, friends. We must take a minute to love on ourselves.
Visualize This:
You are a cup and self care is your favorite drink of choice!
If you have nothing in your cup, how could you possibly quench someone’s thirst?
What we need to do is pour out but always stay full! An old friend of mine, Brittney Dennis’ (soon to be Callier… she’s getting married y’all!) motto is to Pour and Stay Full!
Take care of you and you will have the energy to serve, love, and support others.
You may think “Shawn, I just don’t have the time to take care of me!“
This Week’s Challenge:
Carve out at least an hour a day FOR YOU. Get a pedicure, go to the hair salon, go to a coffee shop and read a book, go to the movies, have a girls night…If one hour a day is too much, start small and begin with ONE Hour a week!
Join our WOMAN dance class every Sunday evening at 6:30pm in Hampton, Va and Saturday, April 6th in Chicago! These are great options for women who need some time to just BE.
Register for classes online at
With so much Love,
Shawn Labadie

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